About First Party

Every marketer will need to become a data-driven ninja in the upcoming years. This blog will help you get there.

Before launching this blog, we’ve organised over over 50 meetups in our 10X-Data Driven Marketing community, which brings together over 2,000 people in Warsaw, Berlin (as well as London, Prague and other cities). It became clear to us what skill areas are most underdeveloped and misunderstood and we decided to teach them at scale through this blog.

Who is “us” and “we” here? Datomni, data-driven marketing company.

What does “First Party” mean?

First party is a specific set of data collected about your audience. Lotame has a great writeup on this topic. Check out.

I need help with online analytics. Can you help?

Sure! Check out Datomni consulting services.

At Datomni e’ve shipped over 35 significant analytics projects for clients across all major segments and markets: ecommerce, SaaS, beauty & med, travel etc.

We’ve done things like:

  • enriching Google Analytics data with custom metrics, custom dimensions
  • automated validation and enrichment of emails used for signups
  • data studio dashboards showing online-to-offline activity
  • measuring and visualizing cross-channel signup funnel as a custom Sankey Graph
  • overseeing implementation of enhanced ecommerce
  • integrating Analytics measurements with Active Campaign, email marketing and calendars of directors of network of schools
  • and much more!

Happy to help.